Our life is an ongoing process of change.  The universe changes us and we change the universe.

As a psychotherapist, I seek to join with my clients and journey with them as they pursue change.  Our minds are a work in progress:  the assumptions we hold about life, the tools we use to assess the world around us, the things we believe about what motivates us or holds us back.

In my practice, I employ a wide variety of tools, frameworks, and approaches as I participate in the client’s process of change.  As the journey proceeds, the goals themselves may evolve.  What starts as a quest to optimize work-life balance or address a relationship issue may lead a client in many directions.  Together, psychotherapist and client continually assess what is and what is not working, what is and what is not desirable, what is and what is not of the greatest urgency.

Psychotherapy can be short-term or long-term:  it is a matter of deciding how much change a client is willing to pursue.  Success can be measured by the degree to which a client has improved their ability to find ease within themselves, identify their goals, assess their situation, engage in behaviors that bring them nearer to their goals, and utilize their resources effectively.